Reception, Year 1 & 2 Virtual Sports Day Activities

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Year3, 4, 5 & 6 Virtual Sports Day Activities

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St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School

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Results table - Reception

1Burford School UK37
2The Fulham BilingualUK35
3St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School UK32
4Beaudesert Lower School UK30
5Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK24
6Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK21
7Sudbury Primary SchoolUK20
7=Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK20
9Park Lane Primary School UK19
10New Road Primary SchoolUK17
10=Swallowfield Lower SchoolUK17
12Shaw Ridge Primary School UK15
12=Portfields Primary SchoolUK15

Results table - Year 1

1Burford School UK49
2St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School UK45
3The Fulham BilingualUK41
4Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK36
5Sudbury Primary SchoolUK33
6Beaudesert Lower School UK32
7Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK29
8Park Lane Primary School UK27
9Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK26
10Shaw Ridge Primary School UK25
11New Road Primary SchoolUK23
12Swallowfield Lower SchoolUK19
13Portfields Primary SchoolUK17

Results table - Year 2

1Burford School UK68
2Shaw Ridge Primary School UK64
3Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK45
4The Fulham BilingualUK34
5St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School UK31
6Park Lane Primary School UK29
6=Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK29
8Sudbury Primary SchoolUK28
9Swallowfield Lower SchoolUK26
10Greenleas SchoolUK25
11New Road Primary SchoolUK24
12Portfields Primary SchoolUK22
13Beaudesert Lower School UK21
14Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK20

Results table - Year 3

1Burford School UK85
2Shaw Ridge Primary School UK84
3Park Lane Primary School UK75
3=Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK75
5New Road Primary SchoolUK67
6Durrington C E VoluntaryUK65
6=Beaudesert Lower School UK65
8Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK64
9The Fulham BilingualUK61
10Portfields Primary SchoolUK54
11Swallowfield Lower SchoolUK49
12Sudbury Primary SchoolUK39
13Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK20

Results table - Year 4

1Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK90
2Swallowfield Lower SchoolUK88
3Burford School UK83
4Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK80
5The Fulham BilingualUK78
6Park Lane Primary School UK73
7New Road Primary SchoolUK71
7=Shaw Ridge Primary School UK71
9Durrington C E VoluntaryUK62
10Sudbury Primary SchoolUK61
11Beaudesert Lower School UK60
12Portfields Primary SchoolUK55
13Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK36

Results table - Year 5

1St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School UK106
2New Road Primary SchoolUK103
3Burford School UK95
4The Fulham BilingualUK87
5Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK80
6Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK79
7Park Lane Primary School UK78
8Sudbury Primary SchoolUK68
8=Shaw Ridge Primary School UK68
10Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK67
11Portfields Primary SchoolUK60

Results table - Year 6

1Olney Middle School UK107
2Watton-at-Stone Primary SchoolUK104
3Burford School UK88
4Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary SchoolUK80
4=The Fulham BilingualUK80
6Durrington C E VoluntaryUK79
7Portfields Primary SchoolUK74
8Park Lane Primary School UK67
8=Shaw Ridge Primary School UK67
10Sudbury Primary SchoolUK65
11Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK64

Results table - Year 10

1Shaftesbury Primary SchoolUK494
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