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Introducing our Progressive Curriculum Map Overview  (which is editable) . First download the document on the left. Then just click on your chosen unit (the image) and a tick will be displayed.   This tool is great to highlight each unit,  ensuring your curriculum is progressive from Early Years to Year 6. It helps to provide an overview of their journey before creating your schools’ curriculum map. This is a great document to have at hand for your deep dive…

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Curriculum map

Introducing our new Curriculum Map.

Planning a great PE Curriculum just got a whole load easier

How to use our new Curriculum Planner

  • Step 1 - Tick the year groups you are teaching PE to at your school
  • Step 2 - Drag and drop the picture of your chosen activity onto the correct half term e.g Netball onto Autumn 1
  • Step 3 - Complete all year groups you teach
  • Step 4 - Click on the Download button
  • Step 5 - Your curriculum map and progression of key skills documents will automatically be generated for you.
  • Step 6 - Share your curriculum map with your staff - see video

How to create your curriculum

(NEW one coming soon)

How to share with your staff…

* This feature is intended for use on desktop or laptop computers as appearance and function can vary on some handheld devices.

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