This week’s Home PE challenge

When you’ve finished this week’s challenge we have plenty more for you to do here.

Stay fit during self-isolation

We’re encouraging kids who may be at home during self isolation to stay fit and active and so we’ve devised this mini series of challenge PE lessons that pupils can complete at home with parents or carers.

A relief from boredom when stuck indoors

Kids it’s important to always follow the Doctors orders, but if you’re feeling strong and not displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus,  then these fun activities can help you to pass the time while boosting your fitness.

Get in training for the Home PE Olympics

You’ll want to get practising, because very soon we will be announcing details of the Home PE Olympics a free to enter competition for KS2 Pupils. Keep checking this page for updates.


pirate adventure

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safety first

Remember, Safety First!

  • Make sure you have plenty of clear empty space all around you, remove any obstacle or hazards.
  • Always get permission of a parent or carer before attempting any of the activities in this video.
  • Adult supervision is recommended.
Primary PE Planning

Primary PE Planning

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