Children are asked to complete four timed activities and once finished, they are then able to submit the combined score of the four activities online. Following this submission, teachers are then invited to log in, review and verify the individual scores.

When the Children submit their scores they are awarded with a certificate that includes their name and school, which they are then able to download and print. Verified scores are added to your school total and all participating schools are then highlighted in the Inter-Schools Virtual Sports Day League Table’ which is ‘live’ and constantly updated in real-time.

Video to show how children log their results:

Video to show how teachers verify the results:

How To Enter and How to Use This Demo

Our Virtual Sports Day Inter-School Competition will display different content depending on whether you’re a teacher or pupil.

Entering schools will be given a specific, coded link and they can click on this to access their scoring page.

All PPP subscribers will automatically be allocated a link for their school. If you are not a subscriber you can enter the competition for a small entry fee of £50 per school- this will provide you with an individual link and a teachers log in to access the verification code.

Have a go for yourself…

  • To try out this as a PUPIL just click on the Demo button
  • To view the verification as a TEACHER click on the Demo button  (you will need to be LOGGED IN to access this)



NOTE: If you are logged in you will view the teacher verification page, if you are logged out you would go straight to the pupil page score page.